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    Browse the store by clicking the tabs above.

    Payments go through secure payment processors and we do not get to see any of the information you fill in during their secure checkout methods.
    How long will it take until I receive my purchase in-game?
    This is an automated process and should happen within 15 minutes of your puchase.
    If not please open a ticket.
    What happens if I open a chargeback?
    In the time of a chargeback, dispute, or claim, you will be automatically banned on our server by Buycraft. You will also become unable to buy anything on all Buycraft-powered webstores. Charging back on items received is fraud and we will aggresively pursue any fraudulent charges or chargebacks. Fraud cases will be forwarded to the proper local authorities in the chargebacker's home area.

    There would never be a valid reason to open a chargeback if you've bought an item on the store with full consent. If you are not satisfied or did not receive your items contact our team and we will help you out. If you are restricted from joining the server it would be for good reasons, and if you think it was not justified then contact our staff team for support.

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